Vanessa Peters

When and how did you learn to play guitar? And why? Was it by being inspired by other musicians or was it a means to express yourself?

Vanessa Peters responded on 08/07/2012

I taught myself by learning cover songs. I bought a guitar in college but didn't really have time for it until I graduated. I was living in Italy in the summer of 2001, and the town I was living in was DEAD in August (like all small towns in Italy :) and so I entertained myself by practicing guitar. I was alone for almost the entire month, just me and my guitar... it was kind of meditative. No Facebook, email, Twitter, no roommates or boyfriends or anything.... just me and my guitar.

I had always wanted to learn, and I think I finally did because I wanted to start writing songs. Like you said - it was a means to express myself. I had always written short stories and poems, but I wanted to set them to music (I've always loved to sing), so learning guitar seemed to be the logical next step. I'm still not a great guitar player - I could stand to take a lesson or twenty - but I guess b/c I'm self-taught, I have my own style.

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