Vanessa Peters

This may be a bit unfair; however, it can be telling! What are the 5 most influential SONGS that you have heard in your life? Also, can you explain what each one influenced?

Vanessa Peters responded on 04/15/2012

How about I take this one song at a time? :)

I know that "You Were Here" by Sarah Harmer was pretty huge... it's just so lovely and spooky and different... and I'm a sucker for cello. :) That song made me really want to take the plunge and start to express myself as a songwriter.

I was also a huge Billy Joel fan growing up (still am)... my folks both loved him and he was always on in the car. I know it's cliche, but I just never got tired of Piano Man. The melody just runs around in your head for days, and I loved the stories he told... even as a small child, I would try to dissect each little short story about each person at the bar, and I would make up ancillary plots to their lives, how they got there and where they were headed after the song ended. It was probably my first brush with songwriting and short stories being analogous art forms.

I'll ponder this some more and come back with the rest of the five...

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