Vanessa Peters

"medals" is a favorite of mine... what was the inspiration?

Vanessa Peters responded on 03/02/2012

Thanks! It's one of my favorites as well.
One day I was digging around in old writings, looking for new thoughts, and I found this poem I had written as part of my senior thesis back in 2000 (I'm sure it comes as no surprise that I was an English major. :)

Medals is largely reconstructed from a part of that poem called "the jello heart debates a trip to madrid." (seriously).

The closing stanza of the poem was:

a few years after the games have passed,
I find it harder and harder
to strive for any sort of medal with you.
you have captured all the gold,
and I’m not so sure the silver and bronze
aren’t just tokens for the audiences at home.
sighing, I resign myself to the distance,
the million laps it would take to reach you.
the salt in my eyes. my weak jello heart.
I wonder if it’s even worth it.

After I found that, the rest of the song just opened up. And that's why I never throw ANYTHING away. :)

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