Vanessa Peters

When did you begin to write songs, how many did you toss before you felt that you had a good one and what song that you have written is your most favorite. Hugs. Anyse

Vanessa Peters responded on 12/28/2011

I started writing songs in 2001, though I had been writing poetry and short stories since... 1995-ish? I tossed TONS of songs (actually found a bunch of the tossed ones the other day while cleaning out the garage... made for some good reading :) ... after writing songs for close to a year, I think I finally felt brave enough to try them out on other people. But there's always so much self-doubt as to whether you've written a good song. A lot of times I'm happy with one aspect (music or lyrics) but not always both. There's always room for improvement, but at some point, if you are recording, you have to just decide the song is finished and go with it.
My favorite song... hard to say. I am really happy with Medals, Keep Your Chin Up, Never Been Good, and Parting Scene... all the sad waltzes and ballads. :) And I'm really excited about "A Good Judge" from the upcoming album... we'll see how I feel about it when it's all said and done!

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